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The People-Fit Story:

- Why have we created People-Fit?

People-Fit was created to address very real problems faced in the selection process

Young people applying for their first jobs, apprenticeships or traineeships, often have little or no work experience to bring to an interview and are unfamiliar with the world of work.

The recruiting manager therefore has a very difficult job assessing how well the applicant will fit into the organisation, or the development programme, and whether they have the right attributes and approach to be successful in the workplace – they are often familiar with competency-based interviewing and other tools that require work experience.

For the founders of People-Fit, and companies across the country, this led to:

…and ultimately a growing reluctance to hire young people or use the apprenticeship or traineeship route. Yet there was a realisation that they were missing out on great young talent.

People-Fit is the solution to this problem.

Our unique online tool has been designed to help managers answer these questions by comparing candidates being considered to the profile that you want or to current high performers, across a range of core capabilities that are required in almost any job. The results can then be used as a vital component of the selection process.

- How did we create People-Fit?

Once we understood the problems that managers face when hiring young people with minimal work experience, we did three things:

  1. Create the capabilities – Working with experienced managers, we identified what is needed in their entry-level roles – We then distilled this into the set of core capabilities we use.
  2. Create the scenarios – Developed by a group including experienced hiring managers in large and small businesses, L&D specialists, and occupational psychologists – focused on everyday life and ‘holiday job’ type work.
  3. Pilot and enhance – Series of pilots and enhancements to the scenarios and language.

- Who are we?

People Fit has been created by a team that includes experienced managers of small, medium and large businesses, HR and Occupational Psychology.

We have worked together to develop this solution to a very real problem experienced by the business leaders in their networks.

Meet the Team

Roman Cooper, People-Fit Founder and Managing Director of Allcooper. Roman started this all off by talking about the recruitment frustrations in his very successful business and the need for a better way. He has kept the team grounded in the needs of the small business, been an enthusiastic pilot site and provides operational support for the business. He is also a board member of GFirst and a driver for the county’s local enterprise partnership.

John Baker, People-Fit Founder and independent consultant with a background in running operations, learning and development, and HR for large companies around the globe. John has provided much of the analysis in the creation of People-Fit, using his skills learned from the development of customer satisfaction and employee engagement survey tools. John holds an MA from Oxford University.

Richard George, People-Fit Investor and Director at marketing and communications agency, Remarkable. Currently also a Non-Executive Director on the Board of several companies across the software and professional services industries, Richard has a strong financial background and experience in growing companies.

Dr Andrew Clements, is an external consultant on the project, employed as Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at the University of Bedfordshire. Andrew has conducted research relating to a range of career and employability issues, including apprentices’ understanding of job performance criteria and undergraduate student performance of employability behaviours. Andrew has published research in international journals and presented at both national and international conferences. Andrew is a Chartered Psychologist of the British Psychological Society, and volunteers with the Division of Occupational Psychology.

Rob Williams, People-Fit Founder. Rob has worked in strategy, sales, consultancy and process management roles in the field of apprentice provision, high volume recruitment, Further Education, learning and development and business process outsourcing. Rob has worked for Capita, Manpower Group, G4S and British Computer Society.


- For employers

People-Fit leads to a shorter and lower cost selection process, as the additional information from People-Fit results in better quality interview candidates and higher conversion of interviews to offers.

People-Fit brings additional value to employers by improving:

  • The way the candidates fit into the culture of the business
  • Candidates’ approach to work and understanding of what is required, in terms of behaviour in the workplace
  • The speed at which they are learn the job and their ability to work independently
  • On-the-job performance
  • Staff retention

- For training providers

For Training Providers, including colleges and vocational learning organisations, People-Fit provides a range of benefits compared to current processes.

It is specifically aimed at helping find the right young people for entry level roles, apprenticeships and traineeships in an organisation, helping them realise the benefits in the Employer section.

For the Training Provider this will lead to:

  • More satisfied and loyal customers as the quality of young people being put forward are a good match for the business
  • A more streamlined process for selecting the right candidates to put forward to the employer, resulting in lower costs for the Training Provider
  • More young people completing their apprenticeships, traineeships or other vocational qualifications, resulting in improved cash flow

- For young people

For young people who are looking for employment, People-Fit can help you:

  • Understand what is important in the world of work and the core capabilities that employers are looking for
  • Find out about your own strengths that you can emphasise at interview
  • Identify where you need to improve your skills and approach to work to be more attractive to a prospective employer and land the job you are looking for

Why People-Fit:

- The Capabilities

Here are some of the five capabilities that we explore to understand an individual’s approach to work and whether they will fit into an organisation:

Discipline – Whether you are more likely to take a highly structured or flexible approach to your work

Motivation – Whether you are more likely to seek success or avoid failure

Appropriateness – Whether you are more likely to respond to circumstances at work in ways that others see as being the norm or by taking a more individual approach

We have developed a wide range of scenarios to explore how young people are likely to behave against each of the five capabilities.

The assessment has been designed so that candidates must give each scenario deeper consideration than with a typical situational-judgement assessment. The style of the multiple-choice questions means that candidates cannot simply select the answer they think employers want to hear.

Below is an example of the type of scenario that is included within the online assessment tool. Each scenario then has a set of answers to be completed, reflecting the capabilities required by the employer.

- The Process

Manual CV-sifting, telephone screening and face-to-face interviews are expensive methods of selectin from a long list of applicants, between whom there are few means of differentiation. People-Fit makes this process more efficient, reducing administrative time and focusing on finding the most suitable candidates. Numbers required can be met by reviewing fewer CVs, engaging in less telephone screening, and conducting fewer interviews.

The process for using People-Fit is a quick, simple and flexible seven-step approach, which is driven through an online questionnaire as shown in the diagram below.

  • Selecting the profile
    The organisation identifies the relative importance of each of the five capabilities in the role for which they are selecting young people. All candidates are then compared to this profile.
  • Selecting the High Performer Group
    The organisation decides whether it wants to include a High Performer Benchmark. To do this, they will need to identify current high performers in similar roles and have them complete the assessment. This will provide a profile for a high performer in the organisation that candidates will be compared against.
  • Completing the assessment
    Both High Performers (if the benchmark is being used) and candidates complete the assessment. This can be done in the workplace (preferred) or remotely if necessary.
  • Producing the report
    The report is delivered to the organisation for the group of candidates that have completed the assessment. It compares them to the desired profile that has been selected, to the High Performer Benchmark (if used) and to each other, highlighting likely strengths and areas to explore further. Suggested interview questions are provided. The results can then be used as part of the selection process.

- Case Studies

CASE STUDY: A FTSE 50 company

  • In 2012, the People-Fit tool was used by a FTSE 50 company as part of the selection process for its apprentices.
  • Over 300 applicants completed the People-Fit questionnaire.
  • People-Fit was a key element in their processes, used alongside a review of academic achievements and personal statements.
  • People-Fit helped create interview shortlists and identify areas to explore at the interview stage.
  • Hiring managers were impressed with the quality of candidates put forward for interview.

Of the 43 Apprentices recruited using the People-Fit tool, 42 were still employed after a year

One apprentice won a quarterly, company-wide recognition award within the first 3 months of employment, which was unheard of for the company

All are doing better than expected, making fast progress in learning the job and completing their qualifications as well as demonstrating high levels of commitment and maturity


  • The company has a history of developing apprentices and currently employ apprentices in a range of departments including Installations, IT and Finance.
  • Historically, Allcooper have experienced a varied success rate with apprentices.
  • Allcooper started using People-Fit in 2011 as part of their screening process to select for interview, with impressive results.

Of Allcooper apprentices retained before using People-Fit

Of Allcooper apprentices retained after using People-Fit

“My time at Allcooper so far has been a great experience, where I have learnt a lot. With continued help from my line manager and fellow engineers, I believe through training and hard work I can become an important part of the Allcooper Installation Team.”

Scott Patient, Allcooper Apprentice

“Combining the People-Fit assessment with our own practical test has been very much an eye opening and fruitful exercise. I have found the People-Fit element very interesting and the results are very much a professional education for me. I firmly believe we now have a very good, solid and robust interview process for apprentices, should we require any in the future. This, combined with the support of our training provider has been a successful experience.”

Adrian Holmes, Allcooper Installation Manager


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